DateWhat's New ...
03/04/15Western Sound buoy recovered in Smithtown Bay.
02/20/15Eastern Sound met data goes offline.
02/20/15Execution Rocks loses comms.
02/20/15Central Sound loses comms.
02/20/15Western Sound breaks mooring.
01/29/15Eastern Sound redeployed.
01/06/15Recover Eastern Sound for maintenance.
12/03/14Recover ARTG buoy.
05/22/14Western Sound redeployed.
04/25/14ARTG buoy deployed, WLIS buoy recovered for maintenance. Expected redeployment mid-May.
04/02/14Buoy swap at Execution Rocks.
03/11/14Central Sound redeployed.
02/19/14Central Sound recovered for maintenance. Expected redeployment mid-March.
06/04/13Execution Rocks buoy swapped with new setup.
06/04/13Western Sound redeployed.
05/09/13Western Sound recovered for maintenance and repairs. Expected redeployment on May 30th.
02/22/13Eastern Sound redeployed.
03/22/12Eastern Sound recovered for maintenance.
07/12/12Central Sound redeployed.
06/06/12Central Sound recovered for maintenance. Expected redeployment on July 2nd.
04/03/12Execution Rocks redeployed.
03/22/12Eastern Sound recovered for maintenance. Expected redeploy when funding arrives.
03/15/12Western Sound redeployed, Execution Rocks recovered for maintenance, redeploy in early April.
02/07/12Western Sound recovered for maintenance, redeploy in mid-March.
01/04/11Thames River  offline and is no longer supported.
07/01/10Eastern Sound back online.
06/10/10Norwalk Harbor offline for repair.
05/21/10Eastern Sound hauled for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Expected redeployment in June ...
05/21/10Central Sound redeployed and back online.
03/17/10Norwalk Harbor probe back online.
03/06/10Norwalk Harbor probe offline for repairs.
03/04/10Central Sound hauled for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Expected redeployment near 04/30/10.
03/04/10Western Sound redeployed.
03/04/10Execution Rocks redeployed.
01/14/10Western Sound hauled for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Expected redeployment near 03/01/10.
01/14/10Execution Rocks hauled for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Expected redeployment near 03/01/10.
08/12/09Western Sound ADCP current profiler retrieved.
08/12/09Execution Rocks ADCP current profiler retrieved.
07/15/09Central Sound nitrate, OBS, flourescence, and PAR sensors removed for repair.
06/16/09Western Sound ADCP current profiler redeployed.
06/16/09Execution Rocks ADCP current profiler redeployed.
04/09/09Western Sound ADCP current profiler retrieved.
04/09/09Execution Rocks ADCP current profiler retrieved.
03/31/09Central Sound buoy is redeployed with nitrate, OBS, flourescence, and PAR sensors.
03/05/09Central Sound buoy is hauled for sensor additions and upgrades
03/05/09Eastern Sound redeployed and back online
02/09/09Norwalk Harbor back online
01/31/09Eastern Sound hauled for repair of weather instruments
01/30/09Execution Rocks buoy swap, new buoy has ADCP data stream
01/30/09Western Sound buoy redeployed with ADCP data stream
01/16/09Norwalk Harbor offline due to freezing temperatures
11/18/08Western Sound buoy hauled for maintenance and fit of acoustic modems for current meter data capability
09/29/08Norwalk Harbor back online after repairs
09/25/08Thames River buoy redeployed
07/29/08Norwalk Harbor water quality probe offline for repair
06/05/08Highborne Cay (Bahamas) met station offline, station to be moved
02/05/08Thames River buoy hauled for maintenance
09/26/07Western Sound buoy redeployed
07/18/07Western Sound buoy hauled for repairs due to winter ice damage
07/18/07Central Sound buoy redeployed
06/18/07Central Sound buoy hauled for repairs due to winter ice damage
06/18/07Eastern Sound buoy redeployed
12/13/06Eastern Sound buoy hauled
12/09/06Eastern Sound buoy hit and dragged 2000 feet to northeast, loses all weather instruments
10/10/06Eastern Sound buoy redeployed, now includes weather package
10/10/06Thames River Station buoy redeployed with larger buoy hull
07/01/06Thames River and Eastern Sound station hauled for repair/maintenance/upgrades
02/23/06Western Sound buoy redeployed
11/14/05Highborne Cay (Bahamas) met station back online after extended outage due to lightning strike
11/13/05Execution Rocks now has 12 hour time history panels
11/08/05Western Sound buoy hauled for maintenance and upgrades, e.g. non-directional wave sensor from CLIS, and CDMA modem for more frequent wx transmissions.
09/29/05Central Sound back online with directional wave sensor, CDMA modem for more frequent wx transmissions, new wx instruments, new water quality sensors.
08/29/05Central Sound offline for upgrades
07/14/05Highborne Cay (Bahamas) met station offline due to lightning strike
05/27/05Execution Rocks redeployed in the Western Sound
04/01/05Thames River buoy back online
03/17/05Central Sound buoy back online - replaced satellite modem
03/02/05Eastern Sound buoy redeployed
02/18/05Central Sound buoy offline - stopped transmitting
02/17/05Eastern Sound buoy hauled for maintenance
02/16/05Execution Rocks buoy hauled
01/10/05Thames River Buoy hauled for repair
12/09/04Central Sound buoy redeployed
11/01/04Hempstead Harbor offline for winter
10/13/04Central Sound buoy hauled for upgrades and maintenance
10/08/04Replaced all instruments and datalogger at Ledge Light with new and improved sensors
06/14/04New Station! Execution Rocks deployed in the Western Sound
06/14/04New buoy deployed at Western Sound Station -> added light sensors and mid-depth water quality; old buoy moved further to the west, just east of Execution Rocks.
06/11/04EPA's MYSound Technical Transfer document available online HERE
04/02/04Ledge Light WEBCAM!
03/31/04MY Bahamas!
03/27/04A New View ...
12/15/03Housatonic River permanently offline due to technical problems.
10/02/03New Station!   Housatonic River maintained by the CT Audubon Coastal Center, Milford, CT.
09/19/03Central Sound Wave Data available ...
09/04/03We are part of the NDBC Dial-A-Buoy Network!
09/03/03We are on the National Data Buoy Center Web Site!
08/20/03Bridgeport Harbor Station dismantled ...
05/27/03WLIS station redeployed with satellite comms and weather sensors ...
02/19/03Deep freeze in CLIS ...
01/21/03New Station!  Norwalk Harbor maintained by the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.
12/04/02Eastern Sound and Lower Thames River buoys have been hauled for maintenance - redeployment is planned for February, 2003
03/05/03Western Sound buoy is hauled ...
11/10/02Note: the Western Sound buoy is offline as CDPD wireless communication (our current mode) is phased out and CDMA is phased in by Verizon; we are switching to a satellite system, the same in use at our Central Sound Buoy...
09/10/02Central Long Island Sound Buoy online after transmission bugs worked out ...
07/10/02New Station!  Central Long Island Sound equipped with wind,wave and water quality sensors using satellite communications
03/04/02Western Sound station redeployed ...
02/07/02Western Sound station buoy hauled for maintenance work - should be back mid-March ...
02/04/02UConn server crash - we were inaccessible for more than a week ...
08/10/01Wx Station moved to Ledge Light and back online
04/10/01We've Moved ... stations back online, except Wx Station
03/19/01Marine Sciences is Moving... stations will be offline
02/08/01Site Search added
10/19/00New Station!  Western Long Island Sound Station online
09/27/00New Station!  Hempstead Harbor Station (LI, NY) online
06/05/00We're on the cover of Sea Technology®!
05/31/00Sound Links page added
04/03/00User Survey online
03/09/00Lower Thames R. surface and bottom online
03/01/00E. Sound Offshore surface and bottom online
10/25/99Site Guide/Map page added
10/20/99tide link on real time pages
09/07/99DEP water quality surveys accessible
09/06/99added what's new to home page
09/06/99added station status link to real-time obs page
07/21/99bottom sensors added to Eastern Sound Offshore
06/04/99New Station! Bridgeport Harbor online, surface and bottom sensors
04/12/99MYSound website established
03/26/99Eastern Sound Offshore online, surface sensors only
02/18/99Lower Thames River online, surface sensors only