Marine Sciences at UConn About MYSound

  Water quality in Long Island Sound is an issue that affects everyone, no matter how far from the coast you live. The Sound is an important resource, used in many ways by many people. A healthy Sound is a vital economic, recreational and natural resource, pumping millions into the state economy - helping to create and maintain jobs. If water quality is poor, use becomes limited and the value of the Sound as a resource dwindles.

Scientists know that there are many different factors which can contribute to the degradation of water quality. These factors include the amount of oxygen in the water, the concentration of nutrients available to marine life, and the number of particles in the water blocking sunlight. How these parameters vary down through the water column is also important.

The current state of technology lets scientists measure these parameters continuously at different depths. Continuous real-time monitoring lets all of us see how the Sound is responding to individual, organizational, town, state and federal initiatives to improve water quality.

These PDF files, published by the EPA Long Island Sound Study (National Estuary Program), summarize how human activities around The Sound impact water quality:

And these PDF files, also published by the US EPA Long Island Sound Study, summarize how human activities can become more "sound friendly", helping to reduce water quality impacts: Check The Long Island Sound Study's website for many more new and updated fact sheets, reports, maps and newsletters regarding water quality issues in the Sound ...