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 Long Island Sound Links:

Real Time Tide and Current Data

Other Hydrographic Data (not necessarily real time)
Weather Stations Around the Sound (NRT=near real time, RT=real time)

Natural History of the Sound

Water Quality Issues in the Sound
 ... other Marine Data Centers
OceanPortal  The Ocean Portal: A Global Directory of Ocean Data Sites
COOLab  GoMOOS: Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
GoMOOS  COOL: Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observing Lab
NY/NJ  COAST: NY/NJ Coastal Ocean & Shore Trust - Virtual Estuary
VIMS  CBOS: Chesapeake Bay Observing System
SEACOOS  SEACOOS: SouthEAstern Coastal Observing System
NOAA COOS: U.S. COastal Observing System
 ... Water Resources
smearth.gif - 2116 Bytes  WaterWeb: A Database of Water Quality Site Links
Student Center EPA Student Center: EPA Site for Exploring Water
Student Center U.S. Water News: Online Newsletter (with archives) about Water
 ... Marine Education
The Bridge  The Bridge: Resources for Teaching Marine Science
small_jason.gif - 2818 Bytes  Jason Project: Ocean Expeditions Broadcast over the Web