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See the station... March, 2004
The wind sensor is located in the lee of a sand dune to the west, therefore, winds from the WEST may not be accurate.

Battery voltage is read just once a day at ten past NOON.

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Why do we have a station in the Bahamas?

As part of the RIBS team, Pieter Visscher, a professor here at UConn, has been researching stromatolites in the Bahamas for several years. Drs. Reid (Univ. Miami, RSMAS) and Visscher, and several other scientists from around the world, have been primarily funded by NSF Biocomplexity and by NASA to investigate these ancient life forms and advance our understanding of the evolution of life on earth. The measurements routinely performed on the stromatolites needed to be placed in the context of their environment, so a weather station was established in March 2004, using the same instrumentation and protocols employed by the MYSound buoys.

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